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Our Commitments
Quality of Life
for Pets
Our pets are our family. And we believe they deserve to be treated as such.
Pet Health
Dust and hair aren’t just bad for humans. They’re bad for pets too. So we created cleaning products that are less scary (quiet) and are made with your pet’s wellbeing in mind.
Donation to Shelters
ZeLo donates to shelters like Easel Animal Rescue League because we love all our furry friends and believe in giving back.
Quality of Life
for Humans
We believe in creating products that support healthy lifestyles – and that belief extends for the full product life cycle.
Clean Living Spaces
ZeLo products remove pet hair & allergens to make homes cleaner and healthier.
Corporate Responsibility
We assemble our products in facilities we own; this ensures the work going into delivering these products to you is carried out in a safe and ethical way. Pictured is our Himawari facility in Japan which employs people with disabilities. Our ZeLo refills are packed at this site.
Quality of
We believe in creating products that support healthy lifestyles – and that belief extends for the full product life cycle.
Made in Japan
The manufacturing and testing of our products are done in our own facilities to ensure the highest quality product.
In-House R&D
The adhesive chosen for ZeLo rollers is a propriety formula developed in-house by Nitto. We are constantly developing new products.
Brand Story
ZeLo is a brand created by Nitto, a Japanese pioneer in polymer chemistry. Nitto created ZeLo because they wanted to make their top-of-the-line technology available to everyone by improving the products that people use every day.

They believe that cleaning products can be made with the same level of quality as the products they create for industries such as aerospace, semiconductors, and electronics. This has been the driving force behind nearly 40 years of lint roller development. Everyday products should improve your lifestyle and make cleaning a simple, and dare we say, enjoyable, task.

Nitto is the maker of Japan’s best-selling lint roller, the COLOCOLO. A bit difficult to say in English, the COLOCOLO® underwent a thoughtful redesign for American pet parents. The shape was redesigned to be more ergonomic and sleeker, eliminating the ‘paint roller’ look. Vibrant colors were added for style and energy, and a special adhesive was chosen specifically for pet hair.

The new product was named ZeLo (pronounced ZEE-LOW), a name derived from ‘zealous’ to show the great passion we have for the technology behind our products. The logo design was inspired by the periodic element chart, a further nod to the science that created the products.
Our History
Nitto has been making lint rollers for nearly 40 years. Our first roller was conceived in an unexpected ‘ah- ha!’ moment, and since then have evolved to become the quality products loved by thousands today.
The Start
Nitto creates a new consumer division in Japan which is named ‘Nitoms’.
First Lint Roller
An employee dusting boxes with a piece of tape, realizes there could be something more to the idea…. and the first lint roller is created.
The new lint roller becomes so popular in Japan it gets an official name - ColoColo®.
Lint rollers for the floors
Consumers wanted more functionality from their lint rollers.
Multi-Surface roller
A new multi-surface lint roller is launched so customers could clean more surfaces.
Screen Cleaners
Customers hated the oily fingerprints left on touch screens (called sebum). So, Nitto developed a mini roller for screens.
Introduction of ZeLo
Nitto introduces ZeLo, a line of premium pet lint rollers, in the United States.