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How and Where to Use ZeLo
ZeLo works on multiple surfaces.
*ZeLo should not be used on silk, leather, fur (don’t roller your pet), or shag rugs/carpets with fibers longer then ¾” (20mm). Remember, only use ZeLo for its intended purposes.
ZeLo rollers come with a smart storage case so they stand upright, and don’t stick to everything. Why has no one thought of this before?! We wondered that too. ZeLo can be stored under the sink, in a cleaning closet, or on a side table to showcase its fashionable design. Just make sure you keep it at room temperature and avoid moisture, high heat, or direct sunlight.
Snap it!
Simply align the tabs and grooves on the poles to snap each connection into place. Once the roller has been assembled, it cannot be taken apart. You're dedicated to cleaning now. There is no going back…
Slide it!
To attach a ZeLo roll, simply slide it into the holder.
Roll it!
Roll ZeLo in the direction of the arrows on your first pass with a new roll. This will ensure the sheets are firmly in place. After rolling it with the arrows once, you can freely move in any direction.
Replace it!
When you’re ready for a new roll, squeeze the release tab to remove and replace the roll.