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Products made
by science
ZeLo lint rollers are made by Nitto, a global pioneer in polymer chemistry. Nitto is a leader in industrial technology, developing tens of thousands of new products over its 100-year history. And they bring that industrial quality to their cleaning products. For nearly 40 years, Nitto has been inventing and designing best selling lint rollers in Japan. Today, all of that knowledge has been distilled into ZeLo, a lint roller created by science.
Thoughtful Design
Innovative Cleaning Technology
Testing Quality
of ZeLo
Allergan capturing technology
ZeLo uses two different types of adhesives to capture hair & dander. The light blue part of the sheet has a special type of high adhesive that has been shown in studies to pick up pet dander.
Smooth Rolling on Multiple Surfaces
The dark blue lines are made using a special low adhesive. These low tack ridges help prevent the roller from sticking from the floor and give you a smooth gliding movement when rolling. This allows ZeLo to work well on multiple types of surfaces.
Ergonomic Design
ZeLo went through 13 different prototypes to find the design that was most ergonomic and practical, but also had a sense of style.
Efficient Storage
We were tired of lint rollers sticking to everything in storage. So, we made a case that prevents the roller from sticking to anything and keeps it upright for easy use.
Easy Tear Sheets
ZeLo sheets are perforated and have a bright orange edge, making them easy to find and tear. The sheets are also rolled in staggered layers to prevent multiple sheets coming off at once.